Learn How to Play the Concertina

Learn How to Play the Concertina

A concertina is also known as an accordion or a harmonica, although its primary purpose is to play the music made by the bells and other instruments. A concertina is basically a free-rooted musical instrument, much like the harmonica and the other accordions. It has no cords, unlike the accordion and the organ.

Accordion or Concertina

Accordions, unlike the concertinas, are made of different parts, making it hard for a beginner to play. The basic difference between an accordion and a concertina is the fact that a concertina requires a hand-held device to make the sound, while an accordion does not require any sound equipment. Because of this, a concertina may be considered as a portable instrument because it can be played on any place, whether it is inside your house or in a public venue. Accordions are mostly used indoors because they do not require any external sound equipment. Another difference is that the accordion is made of a metal frame that is hollow, while the concertina is just like an empty tube, and it is the ease of tuning it while holding it up to the speaker.

Advantage of playing a concertina

The main advantage of using a concertina instead of an organ is that it does not require any expertise, and it is easy to learn to play the musical instrument. On the other hand, an accordion can be a bit difficult to start playing because it does not come with any tutorial and there are more complex sounds when using a concertina. Also, you can use a musical instrument to teach a person to play.

However, a concertina has a lot of advantages compared to the musical instrument such as being portable and being easy to play, especially if the person is new at playing. Furthermore, you can also use it for other purposes other than teaching people how to play, since it does not need any external sound equipment or cables. Although you can also use the musical instrument to play in your home or for other reasons, there are times when you may want to have a portable, easy to use instrument to practice.

How to Start?

To start learning to play the concertina, you first need to purchase the necessary materials and accessories needed to play it, such as the instrument case, a case or a bag to carry the instrument in. A good beginner’s set will cost you $100 and should be enough to get you started. Since most stores offer lessons for beginner’s classes, you may want to check out their websites. You can also find online music lessons on how to play the concertina.

Once you have all these materials, you need to set aside some time to practice the musical instrument to master the basics of it, and it would be good to take a musical sheet with you. Practice makes perfect, so you will become familiar with the different notes, scales, rhythms and combinations that you will need to make the song that you are playing. As you get familiar with the fingering and techniques of playing the concertina, you can start learning the other instruments, such as the lute, flute, clarinet and saxophone, depending on the song that you want to play.

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Solo or Group

You can also learn to play in a group, especially if you are a soloist or a singer, and practice solo, or duet with others who have the same musical taste as you. This way, you will know how to play the instrument without your partner, since you will be able to listen to the notes that you are playing and you will be able to improvise more, as the tempo of the song will change. When practicing alone, remember to practice at a slower speed, to ensure that you are getting used to how to the concertina sounds.

It is important to keep practicing, because you will never really know what good music looks like until you make it. Keep playing the concertina to make sure that you will get to the point where you will never look back, since this instrument has a long life ahead of it.

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