Concertinas For Sale

There is something about Concertinas for sale that just makes us want to buy them. The thing is they are so beautiful! We don’t know how they came to be, but they are a very common piece of furniture in homes, churches, and even businesses. They have always been popular with people and now they are back. The reason is […]

Why Should You Learn to Play the Concertinas Opportune With an Instructional DVD?

Concertinas Bargion is a high tech, multi-functional instrument that has an electric, acoustic, and classical-style sound. It comes with a wide variety of sounds, so you can easily find one to suit your needs. Its features make it very suitable for people from different ages and musical tastes. However, its most important feature is that it makes it easier for […]

What Is A Concertina And How Does It Sound?

The Concertina and the Irish Traditional Guitar are often thought of as musical instruments, but they are very different. The Concertina is a simple musical instrument that is used for playing easy songs that have repetitive chords. While the String Instrument, the Mandolin, and the Bouzouki are much more complex instruments that use different parts to make music for a […]

Learn How to Play the Concertina

A concertina is also known as an accordion or a harmonica, although its primary purpose is to play the music made by the bells and other instruments. A concertina is basically a free-rooted musical instrument, much like the harmonica and the other accordions. It has no cords, unlike the accordion and the organ. Accordions, unlike the concertinas, are made of […]

Music Made Easy With a Concertina

Concertina is an extremely musical instrument that has been used to perform and teach music for many centuries. It was invented by Irishman John Barry O’Connor in the year 1480. Irish traditional music has been an aural tradition ever since. The use of strings, bodhrán, fiddles, and Irish, classical concertina, probably the oldest group of musical instruments, regardless of the […]